Book Five sold!

On Friday my lovely editor told me that book number five for the Romance Line has finally been accepted! It will be out next May.

Huge sigh of relief. And an even larger learning point.

I loved writing the first draft of this book staring a young London fashion designer, Mimi, who is running the family knitting shop and dreaming of her own clothing range, and Hal, the adventurer film maker.

That was in late May.

In the middle of August I was still rewriting Hal’s conflicts and weaving in fresh pace and energy. And it was tough. And it killed my time management for 2010. Plans out of the window. I have a novella and two more books to complete by end of the year.

Why? I had not made these two lovely people suffer enough and go through enough to win the love they deserved. They had not started at a low enough point to make the journey compelling.

Both Michelle Styles and Alexandra Sokoloff are blogging about Revisions and I can see the truth in both of these posts.

I learnt a huge amount during the rewriting process, and I am sure that this is a more compelling book for the readers, but if it is all the same to you, I would rather not go through that again. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Book Five sold!

  1. Congratulations, Nina. I look forward to reading this one. Even though I work in the film industry and know how seriously unglamorous it really is, I just love reading books set against that backdrop.

  2. Thank you Kate and Sue. And sympathetic hugs on the revisions Kate. Last time I looked up it was July. LOL

  3. Thank you Judy, Rachael and Debs. I am thrilled and delighted that this book sold at last, the characters were such a delight – it was hard to throw even more rocks at them LOL

  4. Ooh I’m with Judy. LOVE the sounds of these two folks and can’t wait to read. Thanks for the heads up about Michelle and Alexandra’s Revision posts… off to check them out now 🙂

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