Book number eight accepted – and new working process.

I am having a rather splendid week.

My latest RIVA/ Harlequin Romance line book has been accepted. 

‘The Boy is Back in Town’ is scheduled to be released in November this year.

Hurrah. That was book number eight! 

Which I think is steady going from when I received the call in September 2009.

I wrote four books in 2010 and it looks like I may do the same this year. Many authors create a lot more than this, some fewer, but four books just about suits me and my life and my other interests. In theory they should be easily done and dusted in 12 weeks and I can plan accordingly. Um. In theory. Except revisions have killed me in the past and put a lot of stress into the system. 

Hence I am changing my working process for 2011 – but more of that to come. At the moment it is still very experimental.

One thing I AM certain about it that my editors and hopefully my readers love my characters, and all of the revision work lately has been about reaching even deeper into those characters so that their emotional journey resonates at more levels.

I do A LOT of character work up front before writing, but after 8 books I now know that the discovery rough draft is where many of the extra dimensions to the characters emerge – and this is where I need to stop. And rethink the structure of the book and how the external conflict can be used to anchor the main emotional turning points in a more effective way. Allowing me to add the extra layers and dig even deeper.

It will probably mean throwing out most of the first draft but I would rather rewrite at this point and bring out the potential of the characters I have worked so hard to create than later with a deadline looming.

Will there be editor revisions? Of course – no doubt about that. I expect it – and actually welcome it. I want my books to be as compelling as possible. It is an honour and a priveledge to write for any reader who is going to pass over their hard earned cash for a book I have written. I expect the  very best from the books I buy. It is my job to put in the slog and the hours and the tears and the laughter to create a book that meets the expectations of my published and my reader.

My name on the cover. My responsibility. Writing is not for softies. My fellow Mills and Boon author Barbara Wallace has recently posted about the essential requirements for any author of commercial fiction – HERE. Right on, girl.

So – now for the fun part. Working on a new story proposal for my next book. The lovely Fiona Harper has a superb post on Characterisation HERE. I have used Michael Hague’s question list myself and I agree with Fiona- very helpful.

Meanwhile – spring has arrived. Perhaps an hour in the garden is called for? LOL


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  1. Thank you Lacey. I do love the spring and we have had such a long wet and cold winter it is super to see the flowers in bloom again. 🙂

  2. Wow I have garden envy 🙂 Thanks for the links and I’m looking forward to hearing about how you’re going to change your writing process.

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