CataRomance 4 Star Review

I am delighted that CataRomance has given ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ a 4 Star Review.

Here is what they have to say about my baby:

Fresh and flirty but also deeply emotional and poignant, Nina Harrington’s debut novel for Harlequin Romance, Always the Bridesmaid, ticks all the right boxes!

Nina Harrington’s debut novel for Harlequin Romance is absolutely wonderful! Written with assurance and confidence, Always the Bridesmaid is a multi-layered tale of new beginnings and second chances that features characters that are so richly drawn that they leap off the pages and will linger in readers’ minds long after the last page is turned.

Poignant, absorbing and thoroughly enjoyable, Always the Bridesmaid heralds the beginning of an exciting career for a terrific new voice in category romance: Nina Harrington!”

Click HERE to read the full review.

I am blushing and checking my shoes!

What I found particularly pleasing was that the reviewer, Julie, was able to paraphrase EXACTLY what I set out to do in Amy and Jared’s love story.

Thank you Julie for helping to make my week extra special and my party guests were well pleased.

In other news I am a Guest Blogger at the Pink Heart Society today, chatting about Craft. And my Checklists.

A girl has to have her checklists. Yes. I know. Nurd and Proud.

Orginally these questions were in a Table format but Blogger dropped the formatting somewhere along the way.

Hope you find it useful. Oh. And as extra bribery, I have a North and South YouTube as a sweetener after the meaty crafty stuff. Enjoy.

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