CataRomance and Working Titles

I was delighted to receive an email from CataRomance today telling me that I have won an award for my third Mills and Boon Romance title : ‘Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds.’ I am so thrilled about this award because there are such wonderful books and authors on the list.

Go HERE to read the full list.

What a boost it is to a flagging writer on a damp Feb afternoon when my hero is not as talkative as he has been.






Reading: DarkFever by Karen Moning

Working on : Adding layers to my RIVA story about the yachtsman and the IT guru.

The working title was ‘Simply Irresistible’, but is now ‘Playing with Fire.’  And it does make a difference.

This is the basic blurb for the story:

As an award winning yachtsman, Ethan Chandler has braved many stormy seas but nothing compares to Marigold Chance. Mari is unimpressed with his celebrity status in the small Dorset town where Ethan used to spend his summer holidays with his family. She is far more concerned about buying back the family home so that she can create a stable home for herself and her younger sister. Mari has been travelling as an IT troubleshotter for years – and now she craves some sort of routine. Ethan wants nothing to do with a 9 to 5 job or anything close to routine and stability. He needs that challenge of the unpredictable. For Mari and Ethan, mixing fire and water can certainly make the sparks fly.

What do you think?

8 thoughts on “CataRomance and Working Titles

  1. Thank you Lacey for both your comments. I am powering through Ethan and Mari today before submitting. Fingers crossed Ethan will be talking today!

  2. It really is very exciting. There are so many wonderful authors like yourself on the list!Many congratulations Nell.

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