Cover Love

Have spent most of the sunny but cold weekend finishing off the construction of my summer house and thinking about new story ideas for my next romance line book.

The summer house is ALMOST there. Of course we have wrecked the lawn lugging bags of cement and tons of lumber and most of the garden needs serious work so that is phase two.

And I have a story idea which MIGHT just work. Squee. And a SERIOUS quantity of chocolate is involved.

In the interim – Commercial artist Alex had recreated 3 Mills and Boon book covers using herself and her boyfriend as models.

Go here for the awesomeness.

I think someone has WAY too much time on their hands!

6 thoughts on “Cover Love

  1. Nina and Frederick? Judy! Your secret is finally out in the world. LOL. A lot of work clearly has gone into these pics. Brave stuff. And fabby indeed.

  2. A fantastic find, Nina!

    I’m both impressed and slightly in awe – they bear an uncanny resemblance to Nina and Frederick (yes I’m a very huge fan). I can’t blame her for wanting to tout their retro-ness to the world in this manner – I’d do the same!

    The final cover is a wee bitty sinister tho – looks like he might strangle her – one retro cover too many perhaps? Fabby stuff.


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