Debbie Macomber and Dyslexia

My scatty magpie brain came across this interview for Borders with Debbie Macomber, the enormously successful and very professional romance author.

Fascinating stuff. Two things struck me:

* Debbie’s mother was told by her school teacher that she was a sweet little girl but would never amount to anything- because—- Debbie has Dyslexia and did not learn to read until 5th grade, which if I understand the US system correctly means 5 years at school – so Debbie was approx 10 yrs old before she could read!

* it took the death of a close relative to push Debbie into making the decision to make her dream of telling stories come true, even in hard economic conditions.

Now that IS a story. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Debbie Macomber and Dyslexia

  1. I don’t have dyslexia but instead I have the maths disorder, dyscalculia and it’s always so inspiring to find other people who’ve overcome the difficulties that life puts in your path sometimes but I also think sometimes with a burden comes a blessing in that you have to be that bit more creative, determined and perservering to succeed – not bad qualities for writing or for life.

  2. Thank you ladies and I wish you all the best with your children. And I agree with you Judy – very encouraging. Take care all.

  3. Wonderful story! Very inspiring. I am the mom of a 19 year old son presently attending a college specifically designed for kids with dyslexia. Thank you for sharing this interview.

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