EBook Marketing. All the tactics you need.


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In the past 6 months I’ve gone from being 100% traditionally published to joining the growing band of entrepreneurial ‘hybrid’ authors, who are ready to take the opportunity of self-publishing their work, while writing for another publisher.

I have spent months researching and studying everything I could find, on the best practices on how to self-publish and then help readers find my work in the most effective way possible.

It soon became clear that there is one common challenge that faces all authors, no matter how they are published – how to reach out and share our work with the ideal audience.

Learning how to launch and promote eBooks is not magic, just a lot of hard work, backed up by solid tactics.

Now I want to share those tactics with you in my latest new release.

The eBook Marketing Formula uses my 4-Track System to develop the most effective marketing plan for your eBook in easy steps – and fast.

This is the system I have developed to help save me time and money marketing my own eBooks and I am delighted to be able to share it with you.

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