Extra Spring in my Step thanks to some lovely Reviews

It can be tough writing romance fiction.

You wave goodbye to your book and the characters who you have come to know so well, and you send them out into the world to make their fortune, and hope for the best.

Many, many, months later the book is published and other readers step into the story world that you created, and share the journey your hero and heroine have to go on, before they earn their happy ever after.


The Secret Ingredient KISS April 2014 

And then along come several reviews all at once, that tell you that the hard work you invested in creating the backstory and internal emotional conflicts for your characters, seeped out through the cracks between the lines and create a richer reading experience.

So a huge thanks to Sara at Harlequin Junkie and Ali at ExploitsofaChickLitAficionado for such great reviews of my latest Harlequin KISS/Mills and Boon Modern Tempted release, The Secret Ingredient.

It really does make my day.