February Past and Present

February Past and Present

In 2012 Mr Nina and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary [ I was clearly a child bride. Cough.] with several holidays and bucket list trips.

February saw us above the Arctic Circle in Norway to see the Northern Lights which were even more stunning than I had imagined. Cameras simply cannot capture how fast the lights change. You simply have to be there.

Even if I felt that my eyeballs were freezing and I had a nose bleed it was so bone chilling cold. And that was despite wearing about five layers of duvet.

But on sunny days I loved the husky rides through the forests and across a frozen lake. Magical!

And here we are in February 2014 and I am about to start a very different kind of adventure.

Just as hazardous. Just as exciting. And definitely one of those ‘bucket list’ adventures which you simply have to do or go down regretting it.

Yup. I am self-publishing a Romantic Suspense novel!

Deadly Secrets is released 14th March as an eBook only.

Self-Publishing? That’s scary.

Romantic Suspense? Hang on a  minute! That’s a leap from Modern Tempted/Harlequin Kiss!

I know, I know. But: Life is either a great adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

Like many of you, I love to read crime books as well as romance. Main course as well as dessert. And these characters simply refused to go away.

And the truth is? I have learnt a huge amount about the whole business over the past few months that I think that it is worth sharing some of the key tips and techniques as well as asking some searching questions.

So watch out for a whole series of posts on self-publishing rolling out in March as part of my launch plan.

In the meantime here is a teaser of the cover and titles. 🙂