Fighting the Resistance each and every day

Thanks to the lovely Marie Forlio I came across a new author on motivation and the self limiting blocks and internal sabotage which keep us from being the best we can be – Steven Pressfield.

I was stunned to read his latest book – ‘Do the Work’ because I recognise so much truth in what he says about the impact procrastination has on our lives.

He calls it the ‘Resistance’ and sees it as a real force which needs to be recognised and battled each and every day if we want to truly achieve what we are all capable of.  If only we did not waste our time finding other things to do besides the work we want to do/ need to do. But it is so HARD to do.

And best of all? The book is FREE on Amazon Kindle. HERE.

I don’t have a kindle so I simply downloaded it onto my PC [ use the Kindle for PC button] and read it from the screen. Not too long – but worth your time over the long bank holiday weekend here in the UK.

Gold dust. Highly recommended.

2 thoughts on “Fighting the Resistance each and every day

  1. Absolutely Lacey – all writers are self employed entrepreneurs in their own ways. Much recommended.One watch out – Amazon has a stunning list of free books for Kindle and your pc. Book porn. Oh yes.

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