Happy Guy Fawkes and Flamants


If you are going out tonight to enjoy the fireworks display – I hope the weather is dry and you have brilliant fun.

In the meantime I came across this post on the excellent CataUniversity site on a great technique to identify and cut out all of those redundant words that are your favourites and sneak into paragraphs under the radar.

 Use the Find Function to pick out the little horrors, then – if you are using MicroSoft Word – you click the Highlight option so that you see where they beam out at you from the page like poppies in a corn field. Of course the word or expression could be perfect in that context, but….

I am going to save that for the editing stage. At the moment I still have a book to finish, set in lovely sunshine in an area I am lucky enough to have visited:



Vineyards and wild flamingoes – flamant rose – in the Carmague delta in the South of France.

So, Izzy whizzy, lets gets busy!

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