Hurrah! New RIVA release day

SO pleased that my sixth book for the Harlequin Mills and Boon Romance line is released today in its splendid RIVA cover and then as a Harlequin Romance from June.

I have total cover love – they fit the storyline perfectly!

What is the book about?

Take one mountaineer action photographer with a broken leg and a traumatic past – and a lovely passionate fashion designer who is running her own knitting shop in London but yearns for more.

Put them together in a fashion show and watch the sparks fly!

Go HERE on my Books Page to read all about it! Available in all your fav places – but there is great deal on Amazon.

I do hope that you enjoy Mimi and Hal’s journey to love against the odds. Hal has to be one of my favourite heros.  Ever. 🙂

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