I walk into a large cream room

Where authors work and their process is endlessly fascinating and today I am blogging about this topic over on the E-Harlequin Romance Author Blog and I would love to have your company.

What am I reading?  I am Number Four by Pittacus Lock– and browsing through Shed Your Stuff, Change Your Life. A Four Step Guide to Getting Unstuck.


3 thoughts on “I walk into a large cream room

  1. Thanks Nina! I’ll have to pick up a copy. The move looks great too. Anything with Disney attached usually is 🙂 There’s an advanced screening this Thursday. I might see if I can sneak in 😉

  2. Hi Lacey. I loved it. Fast paced, lots of poignant and emotional teenage angst. And action. Lots of action. Yes, you have to suspend disbelief on some of the background factoids, but the author [ or authors, the copyright credits two companies] feeds in lots of questions for the rest of the series. Worth reading. I for one would pay to see the film – the book has been written in a very visual style.

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