If Music be the Food of Love


  *Pic – A door to the Fantasy Land by Sakura Yuna

Some of you may have noticed that I enjoy music. A lot. YouTube is amazing. There are people who have gone to the trouble of loading video and music tracks onto the system so that the rest of the world can enjoy them for the price of broadband.

 When I am writing I need background instrumental sounds.

 Such as a recording of Glenn Gould playing Bach or the wonderful guitarist Andreas Oberg in a live jazz performance.

 Or mood music from movie soundtracks which can be combined into playlists for a particular book -or a particular length of time. 40 minute slots are perfect to allow eye and wrist breaks while typing.

 And then of course there are the wonderful combinations of stunning lyrics and clips from TV programs or movies.

 Richard Armitage features in one of my favourites but there are so many others like this which act as emotional triggers. LOL.

 Mood music. Have to have it. Don’t you?

5 thoughts on “If Music be the Food of Love

  1. What do I think of him? Wish he was mine. Now I see why your ed told me she finds Ben Fogle inspiring! ggg Sexy adventurer, what’s not to love!

  2. I thought you might agree Judy. And yes, quite right, our playlists are totally personal and unique. I am THRILLED that you are enjoying Hired: Sassy Assistant. What do you think of my lovely hero? [ swoon!] – take care, Nina

  3. Glad that you agree Kate- especially when I know that you have such excellent taste!
    Happy writing.

  4. I’m hearing you, Nina. Totally with you on this.
    Though some of mine get rather ecclectic, but that’s half the fun. 70s funk works for me in a big way!
    Loving your new book btw (fabulously sassy vibe). Very cool. Hooked! I’m savouring it, don’t want to be a good stuff glutton and then mope when I get to the end!

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