Inspired by the fitness programmes of my pals Michelle Styles and Kate Hardy who have worked SO hard to fight their writers bulge, I have just returned from a fabulous walking holiday and research trip in Chamonix in the French Alps.

The weather was amazingly good, even if it did snow on the tops one day when we were walking in the forest, but picking myrtilles [ wild winberries/blueberries] in the heather in the warm sunshine is a lot better than slogging the rough terrain in rain.

We ate splendid meals washed down by copious quantities of wine, my body weight in carbs – including the best croissant I have ever had from the bakery two doors away from our aparthotel – and celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in style at a 2 Star Michelin restaurant which was a totally unique experience not to be missed.

The scenary, the weather and the mountain views more than made up for the slog up the mountains to get there.  My fitness rather than my asthma was the problem so learning point there. AND much research was carried out for my next book – but that is another post.

Time to get my work head back on and try and remember that I am not walking 20km today so best stay away from the patisserie and bread. LOL