Into the Cave

First the Good News
I have agreed a new contract for three books with Mills and Boon Romance Line for 2010.
The time has come. The procrastination curve has peaked and is on the way down.
I have to start writing a new story.
Oh boy. Why does this never get any easier? Why do I always feel so unprepared? Unworthy? Somehow not ready?
The logical scientific Nina shakes her head at the box file full of photos, notes, scratched out scenes in pencil on the back of envelopes, print-outs of the expanded synopsis, beat sheets for the opening, and sighs at the other Nina who wants to procrastinate with complicated recipes for Indian cuisine which will need at least two more shopping trips for ingredients and a couple of hours to cook.
DRAT THAT LIZARD BRAIN who wants to sabotage me!
Shoulders back, head up, deep breath. I am going in.
If I am not back in a couple of days, please think of me now and again and remember the good times and smile.
I may have eaten a lot of indian food by then.
What is playing on my YouTube right now? On the Edge of Something Wonderful – Darren Hayes.


6 thoughts on “Into the Cave

  1. Thank you Debs, Caroline and Judy. And yes, Caroline, all in by end Nov.
    I can hear that whip cracking Judy LOL
    I DO have the coal and wood fire burning at the moment Caroline – so hibernation sounds good to me.
    Have a great weekend everyone. x

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