Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Paris

Peeking my head out of the writing cave to point you in the right direction for the latest movie from our Tudor hero – Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

Playing against John Travolta.

In a violent spoof CIA type thriller.

Perhaps he is trying to provide the thinking girl’s hot stuff in contrast to Mr Travolta? Bigger audience?

I shall say no more. Judge for yourself.  Coming soon to a cinema near you.

5 thoughts on “Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Paris

  1. Seeing THAT makes me annoyed they invented zippers and velcro.Big ggg.

    Tho…thinking about it…maybe not.
    My own flabby bits similarly trussed up would be heinous. I could never go out again. I take it back.

  2. LOL. Hither yee to Youtube should you wish to see more of this talented actor. In fact. A lot more. [giggle]
    Not sure his American accent convinces in the trailer, but hard to judge.
    And as for the trousers? well, it was in the days before zippers and velcro I suppose. 🙂

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