Library Talks and Secret Worshippers

On Sunday afternoon I popped along to my local Library to give my very first talk as a published author.

I had a whale of a time and much laughter ensued -particularly when I started talking about the range of Harlequin titles, including  ‘Spice Briefs’. The cover art for many of the ranges was … um… much admired.

So thank you to everyone who took time out of their Sunday afternoon to make my day!

But now back to work on my secret squirrel project where I am trying to chisel out a synopsis from a very solid block of granite. Sigh.

AND thinking through new ideas and character profiles.

One of the totally brilliant things about creating characters is that you can give them any sort of job you like. So far my Romance Line heroes for example have been property magnates, medics working in Nepal, celebrity chefs and in ‘ the book which has no title yet’ a telecoms media magnate.

So here is something different. You may have heard about ‘ secret shoppers’ – but what about ‘secret worshippers‘ who will come along and rate your church?

Not sure that this would work so well here in the UK, but I can think of several ‘what if?’ scenarios based on the same idea.

 Hotel inspectors as secret guests, restaurant critics and food inspectors are well known, but how about rating someone’s experience at a public venue such as an art gallery, museum, theatre, cinema, library, sports facility or holiday theme park or any type of exhibition or festival?

Food for thought? Happy writing. On with the show. Lots to do.