Life Planning

Many moons ago when I was unpublished and writing space opera and medical thrillers [ still in bottom drawer] I had the notion that my ideal life would be writing like stink during the cold dark winter months like a starving student in a garret – and relax like a spoilt cat stretched out on the warm stone patio during the hot summer months.

Somethings have changed since then – that idea has not.

The garden is looking better, the flowers are just coming out and the veg in the greenhouse has staken a spurt.

Which is why it is particularly frustrating to me that I have spent most of the hot weekend editing my latest WIP instead of being outside – and no, the supermarket does not count, especially in a car which was in the maximum heat for 3 days.

But why are you editing now Nina, you ask?

Why are you not ready in advance of your end of month screaming deadline?

You gave yourself plenty of time.

Please bend down a little so I can hit you with my ripped up deleted chapters.

It seems that my life plan did not include a strange compulsion to work harder than ever to make this book the best it can be. Irrespective of what is happening outside my office/cave/garret.

Whimper. If I am not back soon, please think of me fondly.

4 thoughts on “Life Planning

  1. Thank you ladies – it is great to know that fellow writers understand the feeling.
    Debs – I know that it WILL be a better book for the reader so I have to work harder and then harder again, but thank you for your kind thoughts.
    Nell – proofs from hell? Ouchy ouch. my turn to sympathise with you.
    Lacey – I am hoping that self flagilation with my own ripped up pages is as good a work out as any. Snarf. Many thanks for the sympathy.

  2. Ha! I shouldn’t laugh by I have a great visual of someone getting hit over the head with ripped up deleted chapters. If it makes you feel better we appreciate your pain and suffering 🙂

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