Mills and Boon now on Mobile Phones

I was fascinated to see a press release about the new initiative from Mills and Boon Books – e-Books can now be read on Mobile Phones.

I know that this technology has been around for a while and is already popular in the Far East, especially in Japan but I will be VERY interested to see if it comes off in the UK.

Personally I can see how useful e-books are on notebook computers and e-book readers as well as laptops and blackberrys, but mobile phones could be stretching it.

In other news – VERY exciting – my pal and RNA Chapter buddy Julie Cohen has her new Little Black Dress book in the shops – GIRL FROM MARS.

And the cover fairies have certainly sprinkled fairy dust = totally brilliant! 

2 thoughts on “Mills and Boon now on Mobile Phones

  1. Will do so tomorrow at your book signing – looking forward to it and will be wearing a special t-shirt in your honour!

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