Mills and Boon Riva

Very excited about the launch this month of the Mills and Boon RIVA line in the UK.

Combing authors from the Romance Line and Modern Heat with similar voices, the Strap line for RIVA captures the spirit of these books brilliantly:

‘Live Life to the Full. Give in to Temptation’

‘Sparky, sassy stories of life and love…from first flicker to burning flame. Delightfully tempting, these books are must haves for passionistas everywhere.’

Go HERE to find out more – the covers are so gorgeous. Contemporary, cool and attractive. Everything I would look for as a reader. And there are four a month to chose from. Brilliant.

On the writing front, I have revisions back from my editor on my orchid grower story – but they are doable and more importantly, built on the characters I have created and who talked to me and shared their story.

I need to work on the pacing and reveal more about my lovely hero earlier.

This is a difficult balancing act between making the hero sympathetic and attractive and aspirational and yet giving him the hard edged and tough stance he needs to be a top business consultant. Which means getting that motivation up front and on the page.

One thing I have learnt from these revisions is: to trust my own inital judgement more.
I actually HAD written some of these things into earlier drafts – but took them out thinking that the reader would have trouble relating to the tough hero who is willing to manipulate the heroine for his own benefit.

And now I have to put them all back in again. Hey ho. Good game.

Hope the snow if bearable where you are – I have not left the house since Tuesday. Hibernation rules. Mr Nina donned boots and thermals and rucksack last night to trek to shops for supplies.  What a hero! I now have chocolate. Best get on with it! LOL

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