Monsters and Stories


Mr Nina works in London a few days a week and yesterday brought home a copy of the London Evening Standard newspaper which had a very interesting article by Sarah Richardson on “Letting imaginations run wild” where the fascination kids have with monsters is used to help them become creative.

‘The Ministry of Stories aims to promote creative writing among young people by tapping into their fascination for the bizarre and horrifying.’

The idea is based around an amazing and unique shop in London called ‘Monster Supplies’ where you can find your pots of ‘Thickest Human Snot,’ ‘Fang Floss’, etc – every thing you need for your monster. PLUS creative writing and inspiration sessions for school children from the likes of Nick Hornby. Tea parties have ‘severed fingers’ [ little sausages] and snot tart all washed down with Green Dragons Blood.

How fantastic is that!  Go HERE to find out more.

And for even more procrastination joy- if you had ever wondered what books were on the Bestseller List in the USA on the day you were born – go HERE to find out.  It is a sobering thought that for most of us these authors are either sort-of-heardof -but never read, or completely unknown and forgotten.

Just to put us in our place… LOL.