Motivation and Procrastination


At the start of the trail…

Just caught a great PodCast by Rajeev Dewan  on The Creative Penn site on how to beat Procrastination. This is one from a series of excellent Podcasts and articles to support your story craft.

“Top 3 tips for beating procrastination ?

  • You need a strong enough desire to achieve your goals. What will you give up to write your book? We all have the same amount of time in the day.
  • Find someone to be accountable to for your goal of writing
  • Get into motion. Actually put pen to paper.
  • One of the key take aways for me is the question: Is your dream and desire big enough and do you want it enough? I suppose- are you hungry enough? And do you know WHY you want to write this book/ be a writer?  

    Pretty crucial and not something I think about enough to drive me forward.


    on the other side of that mountain…. a long time later.



    3 thoughts on “Motivation and Procrastination

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy the podcast – and we definitely all need some help with motivation sometimes!
      The chat with Rajeev also helped me. I made it up early today to write more on my novel. The words will not write themselves.

      Thanks, Joanna

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