Overseas Editions

One of the unexpected delights of being published is receiving author copies of your books which have been published outside the UK – especially in translation.

It really does make my toes curl in delight to think that readers in locations such as Argentina and New Zealand and villages in Germany will be reading words I have worked hard to create, sitting in my back bedroom in Hampshire.

Here are  a few of the new editions:

Always the Bridesmaid was published from May in Germany as: SUSSE KUSSE, BITTERE TRANEN

And Hired: Sassy Assistant becomes a Thorndike Large Print International Edition:

and ‘Love in the High Mountains’ in Spain [ if my limited Spanish serves me correctly]

There is also a lovely new cover for the Harlequin Australia release in July of ‘Tipping the Waitress with Diamonds’

I am clearly going to have to write faster than ever to keep up! Back to the keyboard. Love to all.

2 thoughts on “Overseas Editions

  1. I am hoarding up the covers for my wall Kate! And thanks – that peak had been in the clouds all day until we were heading back down.

  2. Oh, bless – and you just wait until you get your first edition in an alphabet you can’t read 😉

    Lovely pic of you in the mountains, too.

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