Progress and progress

The crime writer JA Konrath has pioneered many of the promotional concepts authors take for granted these days, and is well known for his take on selling his books at low cost on Amazon’s Kindle book reader,  – but today’s post is particularly interesting.

The role of e-books and the traditional publishing industry.

He makes it clear that he is successful NOW on Kindle – but he needed the agent and the book contract and the traditional sales and his own promotional takes and his mega popular Blog – to build a platform  where readers would be attracted to his work.  And that amount of effort is long haul and definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

Progress really is the 90% perspiration. 10% inspiration sometimes. Creativity is not enough.

If you have a chance to read his Newbies Guide to Publishing  – worth it. But it is over 700 pages long so one to dip into over coffee etc.

As the great kitchen make-over?

Well I do have a working hob, hot water and a sink for a day or two – which is more than I expected. Result!

Thank heavens for my combi microwave  and a kettle on a tray.

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