Revisions done!


My lovely editor turned around my revised manuscript super quick and I e-mailed the [ hopefully] final tweeks at lunchtime! The story is now much more emotional and the characters arc clearer for my lovely hero.

My fingers and toes are crossed that it will not come winging back for more changes tomorrow, so that I can go on holiday on Saturday and not worry about the work that needs doing.

I am now going to eat chocolate profiteroles washed with copious quantities of tea outside in the garden and think about my holiday planning list.

Normally we drive to places to go on walking holidays with a boot packed with kit, but this time we are flying/train to save a 2 day LONG drive each way. And we are staying at a nice hotel, which means smart evening wear for dinner. So I need to pack climbing boots and all the gear. PLUS Strappy sandals and all that gear.

Ummm. I need a list.

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