RNA Conference Penrith 09

WOW. What a conference. Great fun. Great chat. Old friends. New friends.

Still recovering. Still buzzing. Still jazzed.

A few personal highlights:

*I had to stand up and tell the assembled great and good of the Romance community – including my own Mills and Boon editor – that since the last conference I had sold two books and had a new contract for two more. I am still glowing with the congratulations and support and encouragemen of my fellow authors.

* My first book “Always the Bridesmaid” was in the OTTAKERS shop!!! HOW?? Apparently Waterstones Carlisle took all six of the Romance Titles and not just the four others take.

I SAW MY BOOK FOR SALE!!  sorry to gush, but this is a milestone moment.

AND PEOPLE BOUGHT IT! I even signed some like a proper grown up author. Kewl. Hope they like it.

* I met friends who for most of the year are out there in the virtual world. Nothing like it.

* New friends. Wonderful people all fuelled by the love of the genre –  some sold, some pre-sold. Egos left at the door.

* Several light bulb moments in chats and seminars re my current WIP.

Over the next few days I will be posting my notes from some of the seminars. Cannot promise they will be coherent but I will try and make sense of them

And the sun shone. In Cumbria. I had heard this happened now and again, but never experienced myself until this weekend. Nice one.

It was worth a round trip drive of over 700 miles. Already looking forward to the next one in London!.

7 thoughts on “RNA Conference Penrith 09

  1. Thank you ladies – I was great to meet up in person. Now all I have to do is channel all of the excellent info into my book. Um,,

  2. It was wonderful to meet you – and I believe Gray owes you a drink! I, of course, owe you a book. I’ll be sure to repay the honour of giving you a copy of *my* Romance one day…(a girl can dream, can’t she!) Wish we’d had more opportunity to chat.

    FAB news about seeing your book in Ottakers!!! Woohoo!!!

    Ooh, did I hear you mention London??? I’m already determined to go and it’d be great to catch up!

    ~Sue~ xx

  3. Glad you had such a wonderful time. (And I hope you remembered to get someone to photograph you with your book in the bookshop!)

    Congrats too on the new contracts! That’s great news.

    I admire you for doing that round trip. I couldn’t face 7 hours each way from Norfolk to Cumbria and would’ve slept for the whole of this week…

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