Romantic Times Award for the Best Harlequin Romance for 2010

I am totally bouncing because – I have WON the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for the Best Harlequin Romance for 2010 with “Hired: Sassy Assistant”.  

You know how much I loved that book and was absolutely amazed and thrilled that it was a Romantic Times Top Pick for January 2010.

But to win with only my second book for Mills and Boon is more than I could have expected. Especially in such company.

The full shortlist is here: See what I mean? Wonderful books and authors with lots more experience than I have. I loved my book, but in this company? I had no chance of winning.

HIRED: SASSY ASSISTANT (Jan.) Nina Harrington

The news was embargoed until the 21st March so it was hard to keep quiet about that one.


Here is the Review:

HIRED: SASSY ASSISTANT (4.5) by Nina Harrington: Assisting Dr. Kyle Munroe with his new book won’t be easy for bookkeeper Lulu Hamilton — because he was her late mother’s friend and protege. But the paycheck will make a difference to the hospice where her father spent his final days, so Lulu agrees to do it. The work itself is rewarding, and Kyle is a man in a million. But after living with her mother’s absence for years, and seeing its effect on her father, Lulu’s not prepared to give him her heart.

Rich with emotion, and pairing two truly special characters, this beautiful story is simply unforgettable. A keeper.

Reviewed By: Catherine Witmer


I am totally jazzed. This book had several versions and was written with all of the ‘second book angst’ and concern that comes with having an major publisher take a risk on an unpublished writer and investing time and money in ME for the long term.

And I loved this book so much. Apparently it shows. And thank you Catherine Witmer.

What is it about? My gorgeous Kyle of course. Here is the back page summary:

The nation’s favourite medic Kyle Munroe has swapped the wilds of Nepal for the grand English country house of Lulu Hamilton. The renegade Adonis needs Lulu’s help to publish her famous mother’s diaries, but this unconventional assistant won’t play ball. She wants to keep her mum’s memories private.

Lulu isn’t happy about stepping back in time, and rumour has it that sparks are flying!

For more information and Behind the Scenes – see my BOOKS tab.

Now please excuse me while I go and have a small swoon.


11 thoughts on “Romantic Times Award for the Best Harlequin Romance for 2010

  1. Thank you Judy and Nell – oh you are making me blush now. And Kyle? Well he is special Judy, I have to agree with you on that one. LOL

  2. Wow – huge congratulations! Fantastic news – time to celebrate!
    P.S Very proud that I reviewed it and loved it too! Yey Kyle!

  3. Thank you Julie. Right back at you! I loved ‘Getting Away with it’. The RNA Reading chapter is truly on a roll this week. LOL

  4. Many congratulations! I think sometimes it’s the books that give us the most trouble, that turn out to go that little bit further and find more resonance with readers.

    You rock!!

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