Same sweet treat but in different flavours.

One of the delights of being a romance author is receiving author copies of different reprints of books which were published some time ago and are now finding new readers around the world.

Truth or is one of my favourite Modern Tempted stories.

What would you do if your lady boss asked you to write her emails for an online dating service and then skipped town an hour before the first coffee date? Run away and try not to think about the poor bloke sitting there on his own waiting for a girl who does not show up? Or turn up in her place to apologise and face the music?

You will have to dip into one of these lovely new releases to find out more – either in French or German, or as part of a scintillating Christmas special with the lovely Heidi Rice and Charlotte Phillips.


truth or date modern tempteddownload 3 in 1 xmas coverFrench 2 in 1German 4 in 1 edn