Santa popped in for a coffee

My good friend Kate Hardy is blogging this morning on how Santa arrived early at her house.


Well you know how I love my music, so when our old tower hi-fi system music center was replaced I nabbed it for my office and yes it was FM radio with an extra aerial, there was a built in cassette deck and seperate amplifier but the stations were pretuned with a remote and the CD player was excellent. The speakers could have rocked the joint for any budding rock band.

Note the word ‘WAS.’

Because the day I mailed my book to my editor, it died. Actually I think a relay died, but all I had was crackle, bang bang. BANG! After a short spell in intensive care, I had to… pull the plug. [ for fear of fire]

Sigh. It had served us well for at least 16 yrs which by modern standards makes it only fit for a museum.

 So thanks for all the music.

Here it is , standing in our hall, waiting to go to its final rest.

Some parts can be used – the CD player is a separate hi-fi unit- but I don’t know anyone who would want to repair it when the cost of a new system is so reasonable.

But when I think of how much all this lot cost when new… sigh.

So. Choices. I do listen to music Online – but some days [ whisper] I don’t have my PC turned on and in use all day. Separate music source required.

Mr Nina took the assignment – he had been looking for a kewl pressie and this was going to be it, and on Sat pm a nice man/ one of Santa’s human helpers/ delivered a big box from Amazon.

Welcome Robbie. DAB and FM. CD player. Multimedia chip play/record. IPod Dock. built in speakers.

The sound quality is amazing. I love it.

Tech love. Go on. You know you want to.. snigger.

And Santa Baby, the coffee is on. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Santa popped in for a coffee

  1. Know what you mean Lacey – particularly when it comes to white goods – thinking how many washing machines and tumble dryers and microwaves have passed through my kitchen makes me cringe! all that deep burial somewhere!
    Good vibes for Robbie though! LOL

  2. Thank you Kate. And completely agree about DAB radio – it is brilliant.
    Robbie is going to help me record some Bach from the radio onto a media chip later… clever Robbie. LOL

  3. Ooh, lovely piece of kit! (I’m hankering after one of those ‘follow you round the house’ systems with a hard disk – provided it can take 900+ CDs and still have room for more. This is why DH put House of Fraser on my ‘banned shops’ list…)

    DAB radio is fantastic (and why on earth is it not standard in cars and phones now?). Am sure you and Robbie will be very happy together :o)

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