Sign Language Interpreting

At the London Book Fair, one of the sessions I attended was on Digital Books and Graphic Novels where the panel included Ian Rankin and David Fickling – both of whom are serious comic fans and who have created and written storylines for comics and worked with graphic artists.

I would LOVE to have my science fiction young adult thriller made into a graphic novel but I just don’t think the market is there, unfortunately.

The discussion was fast, furious and very interesting.

And two girls were giving live simultaneous sign language signing for a young man in the audience directly in front of me.

I thought it was odd that they turned their chairs to face away from the stage.

It was totally brilliant! They took it in turns to sign for about 15 mins each – I guess due to the hard physical work involved in, from my POV, acting out the words on hands,  facially and with their bodies.

Sign Language Interpreters truly do earn their money!

Fascinating! And something I would seriously like to do.

AND it gave me an idea for a  crime story which is noodling in my brain and trying to fight it’s way to the surface while I finish my WIP for Mills and Boon. YES!  and DOWN!

I shall be looking for evening classes and finding out a lot more as soon as this book is off my desk.

In the meantime, if you have unwanted cover flats or old book covers – why not make them into a bag? LOL

2 thoughts on “Sign Language Interpreting

  1. You are probably right Lacey and I will probably research the key aspects that I need to make the character authentic, but boy was it fascinating to watch!

  2. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language but I’ve always assumed that it’s like any language if you don’t use it you lose it and there’s not much of a demand here 🙁

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