Spring Fever

Ceanothus May 2014

There really is something special about having a garden in springtime.

After weeks of blustery rain and wind, this morning the sun is shining and the old Ceanothus bush, which is now a tree, is in full bloom. I think the bees love it as much as I do!

All of this new growth has inspired me to take on two new projects.

An online training course for writers on launching and marketing – which I found to be a VERY steep learning curve.

And creating my very first raised bed in what was the overgrown brick herb garden close to my house.

At the moment there is nothing in it but the contents of the compost heap and topsoil with added chicken poop. But I have seeds and time between crazy writing gigs and there will still be herbs.

If I can keep the local cats and urban foxes away from this lovely soft toilet that I have made… just for them.

Ah.  The crazy glamorous life we writers lead. 

Happy May!

My First raised bed