The Success Mentor Summit 2017

passion led us here


Many writers need help and advice from time to time.

I certainly know that I do!

That’s why we turn to workshops, writing retreats, writing conferences and mastermind groups of professionals to provide the guidance we need to move up to the next level in our careers.

It could be anything from story craft, writing and editing, right through to the business side of being a creative entrepreneur.

My instinct is that constant improvement and learning has to be a part of every writer’s action plan.

The challenge is finding the best information in a format that works for you.


Here are the three options that I use every week to stay informed.

Option One. Free Social Media Groups

There are so many Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, and other forums relevant to your writing niche, that it can be difficult to know where to spend our time.

The key advantage of these groups is the social networking aspect. Writing can be a very solitary business and it is great to know that you can share your questions and concerns with a group of people who are struggling in the same way that you are.  They “get you”.

But you need to be strategic.

Right now I am a member of 98 Facebook groups, which is simply crazy! If I spent just five minutes a day in each group, reading the posts and interacting with the other members, that would suck up 8 hours of my writing time. [I really need to look hard at that list!]


Option Two. Free Blog Posts and Articles

The other option is to select a few experienced mentors who offer great blog posts, backed up with free mastermind groups or training and use their advice to develop your skill set. Plus, the feedback from other members of the same groups can be super useful.

Many of these subject matter experts offer paid books and training courses if you need more information. [*waves and winks* Have you checked out my free info on romance story craft?]


Option Three. Free Special Interest Summits

Let someone else curate the information for you on a specific topic through a “summit” event, where the organiser invites a wide range of selected speakers to chat live on a specialist topic.

You get the best information from leaders in the field – and for free for the few days while the summit is live.

The organiser makes money if you pay a fee to have access to all of the content when the summit ends.

The advantage of a summit event is clear: it presents a unique opportunity to hear the expert opinion from specialists on that topic, and all in one place. You usually have to sign up for the summit but then you can participate, ask questions and have your answer live.

Typical conferences and retreats require a huge investment of time and money.  An online summit saves you money, saves your travel time and the tickets are free during the live sessions!

That’s why I was delighted to be invited to be a speaker in a new summit event which starts this week.

The Success Mentor Summit  

 As the name suggests, the focus on this summit is Mentoring.

  • How to use a mentor to accelerate your success.

  • Top advice from established mentors on how you can create your own success as creative entrepreneurs, and in particular,

  • How to build a rock-solid success mindset.

Here are some of the other speakers who are part of the summit:


(…and many more…there are 45+ speakers participating!)

Before the summit takes off, I wanted to give you an idea of what to expect and how it will work.  

When you register for your free ticket:

You’ll receive an email each day of the Summit that will include instant access to that day’s expert mentors and the topics of the day.

You’ll have 24 hours to consume the information before it expires.

You can find out more and register for the event HERE.

The Success Mentor Summit begins Tuesday 09th May and I will be part of a panel discussion on Friday 12th May.

I’m so excited to be part of such a major event!

Why not opt in for the summit and watch the sessions for free when they are live or on replay?

Just to remind you, this event will be 100% online and FREE!

IMPORTANT – FULL DISCLOSURE. You should be aware that because I was invited to be a speaker at the Success Summit, I receive an affiliate commission if, and only if, you purchase an All Access Pass Package when the summit ends. This is at no cost to you.

This is standard practice for speakers at events like this, but I wanted you to be clear about where I stand.

All of the summit videos are free to watch during the live sessions.

I’m super excited about this, and really hope you join the Success Mentor Summit