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Now the revised book is on the editor’s desk I can work on other challenges.

Like the Meme I have been tagged with by Kate Hardy.

Seven things that you might not know about me. Um. Tricky.

You already know that I have the attention span of a gnat, I am totally addicted to books of all types and my wardrobe is full of limo shoes, which I rarely wear because I am so busy cooking and eating, so here goes:

* I am a trained pharmacist but have only worked in the community for a few months before heading off into a career in the pharma industry, so my clinical knowledge is minimal and attempts to persuade me to write Mills and Boon Medicals have so far been unsucessful. I know nothing.

* I have riden on the back of an elephant in Jaipur in India, which was not as scary as it sounds, even if mine seemed to have one leg shorter than the other and I was on the side which lurched over the very steep drop as we climbed to a mountain top palace.

* I like spiders of all shapes and sizes. Same with wasps and bees. I am quite fascinated by them and will let them crawl on me until they work out there is no food on my bare skin and fly or crawl away. This has led to much screaming and flapping of hands by onlookers. PS> I DO NOT Like giant flying cockroaches. NOT.

* For my 40th birthday I climbed a live volcano on the island of ReUnion. Tip:Lava is hard to walk on. I love walking but apart from that I have no interest in sport, which is good news since, like Kate, I am hopeless at it and I am asthmatic.

* My dad was from Eire and I have auburn hair and green hazel eyes and a tendency towards Celtish behaviour. I have no fear of public speaking or singing and it is hard to shut me up once I start talking.  This has got me into trouble more than once. Sigh.

* I have stood in the snow and bitter cold to watch the sun come up over Everest. Magical.

* The first books I ever wrote was a science fiction space opera  trilogy with a kiss ass female teenage heroine and I had such fun they got me totally hooked on writing.  I am re-writing the first of these in 2010 as a Young Adult Book in the hope that ten years of writing and learning will help me to create a compelling story.  I adored science fiction advenure as a teenager and I would be thrilled if I helped another teenage to discover fiction through my stories.

But you already know that I am dreamer.

So there you have it. There are lots more scary factoids but I fear for your delicate sensibilities.

It is snowing heavily here in Hampshire so I think I shall be forced to hibernate with a book. 🙂

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  1. You like spiders? You’re a braver woman than I am.

    I bought my copy of your book from WHS in Jersey today. Can’t wait to read it. x

  2. Wow – I knew about the lava (because I’ve grilled you about it) but not about the elephant. Hmm. The book after the Venice book is set in India. I foresee more grilling ;o)

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