Talking about Love

Living the Romantic Comedy is a very popular Blog from writer and screenplay reader Billie Mernit and I picked up a great post on what LOVE means to modern Americans.

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A couple of Key Take Aways from the Post?

Quote: ”

What is the biggest mistake writers make when they’re writing a romantic comedy?”

My answer is: They put too much emphasis on the obstacles—the things that keep their protagonists apart.  Because actually what’s more important, and in my view, the primary job of a rom-com writer, is to convince the audience that these two people must become a couple.  What’s going to make us root for the leads in a romantic comedy, what’s going to make us care about whether or not they hook up in the end, is a keen sense that they really do belong together.

Which brings us to an age-old query:  Why do two people fall for each other?  What makes a relationship work?  What is this thing we call love?’

Great stuff.