Thanks and Apologies


Many, many thanks to everyone who came to my Virtual Launch Party and made it such a huge success and the most brilliant fun.

It was wonderful to see you all there. Thank you for helping me celebrate.

There was however, one thing which you do NOT have to deal with during a bookstore signing.

The server which hosts my Website collapsed for most of Monday.


It was the first time this year AND of course, it was yesterday, when I was hoping that visitors would want to win prizes through the Website contacts page.

Sigh. There is a law about that sort of thing happening on the LAST day you want it to…

But apologies neverless to anyone who tried to get through and couldn’t.  Please try again.

AND – because the server was down, I am extending the contest to the end of Sunday 12th July so everyone has a chance to win a free book.

Now. About the clearing up after the party…