The cost of a good time

I might have known that there was a price to pay for a great day out at the RNA lunch last week – which involved several trains and Tube journeys as well as blending with a huge ensemble of more fragrant people.

I now have a horrible head cold and could wheeze and cough for England should my country need me.

This is my perfect excuse for huddling on the sofa and catch up with my reading/ TBR tower.

[Except that my kitchen floor is being taken up today and I am washing up in the bathroom while the sealant sets. And I have visitors who planned to come down when we were confident that the kitchen would be finished by now.]

I need scalding hot tea. And lots of it.

In the meantime here is one of the tracks from my current playlist. Have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “The cost of a good time

  1. Thank you Lacey. Now Monday and the head cold is a lot better – cough worse. Sigh. Upwards and onwards. LOL

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