The Writer as an Artist


Seth Godin is a well known entrepreneur and zeitgeist expert who has one of the most popular blogs in the world.

He has been talking about his recent book and a couple of quotes shone out for me about how he defines an artist:

What I am writing about is the ability of each of us, without authority or permission, to do work that matters, to have an impact and to create a place for ourselves in a society that’s brainwashed us into doing something that’s an easily replaced commodity.

A big part of that is acting like an artist. Being personal, making change, communicating a vision….

The system of factories churning out stuff we can no longer afford to buy, or to store in our houses overstuffed with junk. The system that turns out college grads who are eager to follow instructions, not blaze a path. The system that depends on spam or churn to grow a product or a brand. And the system that treats employees like disposable cogs in a giant machine.

You know what changes this? Humanity. Connection. Caring. Doing work that’s not easy to replicate. That’s what an artist does.

You do art when you make change that matters, and do it via a connection with an individual. A great waitress or conductor or politician can make art. So can David, who cleans the tables at Dean and Deluca. Art isn’t the job, it’s the attitude you bring to the job and work you do when you’re there…..

if a genius is someone who solves a problem in a new and original way, then sure, you’re a genius. And the first step to making that choice is to know it’s available.”

Well, as far as I can see, those of us who attempt to create a work of fiction, have stuck our noses over the wall and made something unique which connects to other human beings.

Kewl. We are artists.

PS. If you are feeling in need of a boost – the interviewer Chris also wrote an excellent motivational guide called ‘A Brief Guide to World Domination.’ Fun.

And for extra value, HERE is the link to the LiveCam from a chalet we visited in the sunshine on one of our walking trips in Davos in Switzerland. Gorgeous. It takes me right back.

3 thoughts on “The Writer as an Artist

  1. LOL It IS bliss. I do not ski but does sitting in the sunshine drinking hot chocolate watching that view count?
    ANd I am sure that you are a brilliant skiier with or without the hot spiced wine. STAR!

  2. Actually – reading my previous comment – I’d like to point out I wasn’t skiing badly because I was drinking gluhwein…in fact, the opposite can sometimes be true.

  3. I LOVE sitting at chalets like that, in the sunshine, after skiing (badly) all morning, and drinking gluhwein. Bliss.

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