Virtual Book Launch Party for debut Mills and Boon Romance ‘Always the Bridesmaid’







 Welcome to the Virtual Launch Party for ‘Always the Bridesmaid.’

 BIG HEEEEY!!! And even Bigger Hugs! I am SO pleased you showed up.

 I was afraid it would be just me drinking fizz and eating nibbles all by myself all day! Want to come inside my house and join in?

 What’s that? You have questions? Fire away while I turn down the music.

**Why are you having a VIRTUAL Book Launch Party, Nina?

 Good question.  Simple Answer.

 ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ is NOT released to physical Bricks and Mortar Bookshops in the UK. at the present.

Amazingly, booksellers were not receptive to the idea of my walking up and down inside – or for that matter outside, their shops with a sandwich board promoting a book they do not hold.

And sandwich boards are so NOT a good look for any author.

 HOWEVER – The book IS in stores across North America. HURRAH!


AND is available Online, and through the Mills and Boon Reader Subscription Service.

Which means that my readers are rather spread around the globe. And an actual book launch in your town could be tricky.

So.  I would love to celebrate my big day with my friends and readers around the world in a virtual launch party instead!

AND it is an excellent excuse for wearing frabcious hats! Thanks to fellow author Julie Cohen for this photo.

 So welcome to the most exclusive, elegant and desirable blog party anywhere!!



 **Tell me about this Book, Nina?


“Amy Edler is a baker, not a wedding planner But along with making her best friend’s wedding cake, Amy finds herself planning the wedding–with only her friend’s disapproving big brother for help

Gorgeous entrepreneur Jared Shaw hasn’t made his millions letting other people run the show. So, although he’s normally allergic to weddings, he has rolled up his sleeves and is helping sweet and sexy Amy with every last detail

And his last job is to buy the bridesmaid the perfect gift…”. 

I do hope that you enjoy Amy and Jared’s story, which is set in a bakery in London.

 Food is one of life’s great pleasures, and I come from a long line of home bakers. I can clearly remember arriving home from school to a table laden with delicious cakes and savouries. A real English tea! It is little wonder that food features so prominently in my writing.


**Behind the Scenes

 The hero: Jared Shaw


The heroine: Amy Edler


 The setting – A London Bakery



 The food!



When she is not creating special chocolate wedding cakes, Amy Edler specialises in Austrian desserts and cakes in her North London Bakery, and adores making Apple Strudel and Sachertorte for her customers.


 You can find much more information and a special recipe for Apple Strudel on my Website.



 Some lucky people have already read the book. Here is some of the gossip:

 ROMANTIC TIMES: 4 stars. “Compelling – A page Turner. Complex characters with terrific chemistry…a delightful effort from a new author to watch.”

PINK HEART SOCIETY: 5 stars. “I look forward to reading this author’s next release … and her next … and her next. It truly is a stunning debut with characters that will remain in your thoughts long after you have closed the book.”


NEW!!! CATAROMANCE REVIEW: 4 Stars.  “Nina Harrington’s debut novel for Harlequin Romance is absolutely wonderful! Written with assurance and confidence, Always the Bridesmaid is a multi-layered tale of new beginnings and second chances that features characters that are so richly drawn that they leap off the pages and will linger in readers’ minds long after the last page is turned.

Poignant, absorbing and thoroughly enjoyable, Always the Bridesmaid heralds the beginning of an exciting career for a terrific new voice in category romance: Nina Harrington!”

E-HARLEQUIN: “Harrington writes a sweet confection of a romance story. Both h/H are strong but nice characters. I loved this story!”

KATE HARDY; “Lovely debut – I loved the busy-busy-busy heroine, and her job, and her warmth, and the hero was pretty gorgeous too!” 

JUDY JARVIE; “I have already bought and read it and lapped it up like a very delicious sundae that just kept me smiling and full for a good while after. A feel good and fresh summer read that will have you reading solidly from page one with a mighty satisfied sigh at the end. Go buy, buy three and give to your pals (they’ll love you for it). Buy another as a spare. You will be truly glad you did.A keeper shelfer for sure.”



 **Is there a CONTEST?  Of course. And not One – but TWO!


 *First: Win a signed copy of Always the Bridesmaid and a signed cover flat of the US cover.

 I have THREE copies of the UK paperback edition of ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ to give away!

Remember – this book is NOT in the bricks and mortar shops in the UK at present!

 All you have to do is send me an Email with CONTEST ONE as the Subject and answer this question: ‘ What kind of Bakery does Amy Edler run in ‘Always the Bridesmaid’?

 And that’s it! Contest ends Sunday 12th July 2009.

Three lucky winners will be selected at random and contacted by Email.


*Second: Win a Signed Book from a Celebrity Mystery Guest

 There are always gatecrashers at these exclusive event – but this is special.

This award winning Romance author is making a one-time special appearance! 

For YOUR chance to win a signed copy of a Mills and Boon title from a celebrity author all you have to do is send me an Email with CONTEST TWO as the Subjectand tell me the title of your favourite Mills and Boon book. Ever. And you will be entered into the contest.

Contest ends Sunday 12th July 2009.



**Are there any Launch Party Exclusives?

Of course! Would you like me to Sign your Book with a Personal Message?

 When you receive your copy of ‘Always the Bridesmaid’ please send me an Email by clicking HERE.with Signature in the Subject Line.

Tell me who you would like me to sign the book for, just as you would any other book signing, and I  will reply with a personal signed message which you can print out.

 [It also adds you to my mailing list so that I can tell you in advance when the next books are coming out! Hurrah!]

 As you are getting creative with the double sided sticky tape leftover from Christmas wrapping, feel free to raise a glass of your favourite beverage in the vague direction of Hampshire UK.

 I promise to raise a glass in your honour at the same time so that we are sharing a virtual drink. I do realise that I may have to drink solidly for some time, but I am willing to accept this sacrifice for my readers. 🙂


** This book is so cool, I want a copy NOW!

Where can I buy one?

 In North America look out for the Mass Market Paperback:

  • Publisher: Harlequin (14 Jul 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 0373176007
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373176007
  • In the UK look out for :

  • Publisher: Harlequin, Mills & Boon (3 Jul 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 0263869571
  • ISBN-13: 978-0263869576
  • Readers in the UK can read the book either as part of the Mills and Boon Reader Subscription Service or you can purchase it Online through my Website at or sites such as:

    Mills and Boon as both a paperback and an E-Book

    E-Harlequin as both a paperback and an E-Book, and North American Readers may purchase their copy from their favourite Bookstore during July



    ***The End of One Journey

     One of my fondest childhood memories is visiting the Public Library with my mother, and staring in awe at the shelves packed with wonderful bright covers. Books opened up to me a world of excitement, danger and romance, and I have been a compulsive reader ever since.

     That sense of wonder has never left me.

     Since then I have read some of my favourite Harlequin Mills and Boon novels so many times, that the pages are held together with staples!

     The romance you are holding in your hands – and yes, I have a magic webcam and can see you through the PC monitor – is very special one for me, since it is my very first published book!

     I am thrilled and excited to be joining the talented family of Harlequin Mills and Boon authors. And more than a little in awe. But I still allowed to be a fan girl.

     ***And the Beginning of Another Journey

     My second book for the Mills and Boon Romance line is called : “Hired: Sassy Assistant” and will be released in January 2010.

     AND the most Exciting News is that I have recently signed another contract to write two new Romance Line Titles.

    Thank you all for sharing my journey and coming to my party.

    Hope you enjoyed it and see you again soon. Nina.

    14 thoughts on “Virtual Book Launch Party for debut Mills and Boon Romance ‘Always the Bridesmaid’

    1. Congratulations. I’m planning on purchasing your book here in the US. I was just looking at your inspiration and I thought Amy Elder looks a lot like India Grey.

      Best of luck to you and can’t wait to read your debut book.

    2. Hi Romy – you are most welcome. And extra thanks for buying my book – especially since I did not know that it was out in South Aftrica!! SQUEEE!
      I do hope that you enjoy it. 🙂

    3. I was lured here by the promise of chocolate cake, only to discover we get apple strudel too. Yum!

      Nina – I bought your novel here in South Africa last week already, which is surprising as we usually follow the UK release schedule. I really look forward to reading it.

      Thanks for the party invite and have a great celebration (mumbled through a mouthful of cake).

    4. So sorry I couldn’t make it! Up to my ears with visiting family.
      Looking forward to reading it, soon!
      Jan xx

    5. Hello Michelle, Kate, Nicola, Judy, Nell, Phillipa, Julie and Rosalind – glad you could make the party.
      Rosalind, put that toy boy waiter in the buff down!
      Michelle, Judy and Julie – thank you for your kind words about the book – I am THRILLED that you enjoyed it.
      Now – How about more fizz everyone?

    6. Congratulations, you have worked so hard for this!
      And what a lovely party!

    7. Congratulations! I’m glad I got to raise a glass with you in person, too.

      I’m halfway through reading Always the Bridesmaid and strangely enough, I have a nearly-constant craving for chocolate cake!! Loved the pillow-up-the-jumper scene.

    8. Great party, Nina.
      I’m popping one of those big confetti tickertape party poppers just for you! So you might want to put your fingers in your ears while it explodes! Enjoy the frolics. Your book deserves a really good bash! I’ll be back later with canapes.

    9. Now that is how to do a virtual launch party!
      Always A Bridesmaid is the sort of book to read on a hot summer’s day. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to your next one.

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