We love technology really

Well most of the time – unless, like now, I have a problem with my desktop which could be as virus but then again could be a corrupted hard drive due to a Windows Update failure.

My dongle has been disconnected. [ Ouch!]

Um. Splendid.

In the meantime I have spent the weekend making cement to lay a huge patio of paving slabs – in the rain – and am working hard to finish a first working draft of my current book before I leave on holiday for a few days. I suspect I may need it at this rate! Lol

Happy writing.

2 thoughts on “We love technology really

  1. Well Mr Nina was the boss this time with the Norton software which was blocking the comms and spoolers – so all now back to full steam ahead thank goodness.
    The patio is now finished- hurrah! All in time for the spring.
    Hope all is well with you and yours Lacey. Best. Nina

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