Welcome to fellow Carina UK author Buffy Andrews

Meet fellow story-teller Buffy Andrews.

Buffy is an author, blogger, journalist and social media maven. By day, she’s Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications and social media coordinator at the York Daily Record/Sunday News (York, Pennsylvania, USA).

By night, Buffy is an author, writing women’s fiction, young adult and middle grade. [ But claims not to be the secret inspiration for a certain other Buffy with a vampire fetish who also dons a different persona at night.]

In addition to her writing blog, Buffy’s Write Zone, she maintains a social media blog, Buffy’s World 

But there is one thing we do have in common – we both have single title eBooks published by Carina UK who is rapidly establishing itself as a publisher of fine and remarkable writing from around the world.

And this book is a wonderful example. Buffy’s latest book: The Moment Keeper already has 7 five-star reviews on Amazon and it was only released last week!  Highly recommended.


Our lives are often connected in ways we never would have imagined…

Two babies; two very different upbringings. 

First there is Sarah: raised by her loving grandmother, but neglected by her own father who views her as the instrument of her mother’s death. She will lead a hard life, searching to belong and to be loved.

Then there is Olivia, surrounded by love, nurtured and adored by her parents, a golden child with a golden future.

When Sarah’s life is cut tragically short and she is assigned to record the moments of Olivia’s life as her Moment Keeper, their lives become intertwined.

Sarah is able to overcome the heartbreak of her own lost years and Olivia is able to deal with a future that isn’t nearly as golden as what she had planned – or is it?


Visit Buffy’s author page for more information about all of her books. These includeThe Yearbook Series: Gina and Mike and The Christmas Violin, due to be released from Carina UK in December with lots more planned for 2014.

Connect with Buffy ; TwitterFacebook, LinkedinTumblrGoogle+Google+ Author pageYou Tube channelPinterestGoodreads and lots more.