When Chocolate is Not Enough. One Book. Many covers.

One of the many great things about being published in foreign translation is that boxes of author copies of your books arrive on your doorstep and, unless you hunt down every foreign website in advance, you never quite know what you are going to find.

Some of the covers have no link whatsoever to the text or characters of the book.

Other are absolutely right and the design team has actually read the art fact sheets each author completes for their Harlequin Book.

‘When Chocolate is Not Enough’ is a great example. What is the book about?  Here is the back cover text:

A shared passion for…chocolate!

One taste of Daisy Flynn’s delicious confectionery and Max Treveleyn is hooked! This quirky chocolatier is just the person to showcase the cocoa from his plantation.
Daisy jumps on the idea—she’s always dreamed of having her own chocolate shop, and with Max’s offer, that dream can become a reality. But Daisy finds sexy single dad Max very distracting!
Keeping focused on work isn’t easy. But Daisy has learned the hard way that she’s safer indulging in chocolate than in relationships. She mustn’t be tempted by something even sweeter….

Max has a cocoa plantation on St Lucia. Daisy works in London. Both live for chocolate.

And here are some recent covers and I have to say that the “Amelie” girl on the Sweet Romance cover is my favourite so far. What do you think?

As for the winter baby duo? The lovely Shirley Jump has the lead story.

You can find out more about this book and read an extract HERE.


4 thoughts on “When Chocolate is Not Enough. One Book. Many covers.

  1. I like them all but particularly the strawberry over the shoulder one (yum!) They are gorgeous covers and it’s a gorgeous book, Nina. A very delicious hero indeed. jx

    1. I agree Nell. The nice touch with the Jazmin cover is the frangipani flowers which are mentioned in the text – and a great impression of the cocoa plantation house Max owns. 🙂

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