Who Dares Wins


Bob Mayer is a former US military Green Beret Officer [ I believe that this is the same type of Special Forces Unit as the SAS in the UK] and now a bestselling author – including a co-author for Jennifer Crusie – and a motivational speaker for writers and teams.

‘Who Dares Wins’ is the moto of the SAS and the Green Berets and many other Special Forces units around the world – and for good reason. It works.

So. Here is an idea. Can writers use it too?

Bob Mayer thinks we can. And has often given presentations to the Romance Writers of America and other professional writer conferences on both writing craft and motivation.

The concept of the Warrior Writer might seem a little extreme, but I am not so sure.

This is his entry on his Blog on how military training uses fear as a tool for personal development. Very interesting. And scary. And true.

For example = Bob challenges us to ask some tough questions from his WHO, DARES, WINS program


1. WHAT do you want to change and achieve? Write down each goal you want to achieve in one sentence. Check the verb in each sentence: and make sure it is a positive and something you control. Make sure the outcome of each goal is something that you can observe and know when you’ve achieved it.
 Check your goals for inherent conflict.(Special Forces Mission Statement)

2. WHY do you want to change and achieve your goals? Using your one-sentence goals, write down WHY you want to achieve each goal: ie I am doing this goal for this reason. Examine your WHY for options on how you can achieve the goal. Examine your WHY to set boundaries for your goal, so you don’t go to extremes.

3. WHERE will change occur? Examine your environment and see who and what will aid you in achieving your WHAT and changing. Figure out who and what are hindering you from achieving your WHAT and changing. Take steps to get rid of those distractions or negate them.  Research your WHAT (goals) and WHY (intent).”

Why do writers so often sabotage themselves – me included?

Is it because we do not have a ‘Mission Statement’? Or is there too much ‘Inherent Conflict’ in our goals? eg. Want a career as a full time writer- and a day job- and watch TV for 3 hrs- and spent time with kids – and maybe write in two genres.. and read three books a week, and … well, you get the idea. Clarity. Interesting.

There are loads of excellent tips on his Blog including Handouts.

Now I have to get cracking on developing the emotional angst for my new hero. Main goal. Who dares wins. 🙂