With the Larks


Imagine the scene if you will.

Kitchen.Morning. Interior. Hard Electric light.

See Nina in her PJS stirring the breakfast porridge in the saucepan while sipping her orange juice. Clever Nina.

Watch Nina admire the bright moon and stars in the silence of the morning.

See Nina go to set breakfast table and glance at the clock.

See Nina sigh. Drat, Clock has stopped. Battery must be dead. Nina skips and hops into living room to check time on wind up proper clock so that she can reset electric one.

Hear Nina sigh. Clock has not stopped. Both are saying the same time.

Because it is 03.49 in the morning and the alarm clock has woken us at 3. 30 am instead of 5.30am.

How Nina laughs.

8 thoughts on “With the Larks

  1. OOPS!! Sorry Nina. Can’t help laughing and crying at the same time knowing how it feels to be woken up by a toddler who wants to play at 340 Am.

  2. Of course once I was up I had to eat my porridge and carry on Nell. Sigh… Mr Nina was at work before 7am.
    PS. Don’t hate me but I quite like spiders.

  3. Thank you for kind words of comfort and support Lacey and Judy.
    I need my 7 hours.
    And sorry about the spider. Probably a tad early in the morning for the rest of the world.

  4. Ha how I laff. Sorry that sounds mean. As an habitual odd times riser (blame the kids-grrr) I can laugh. My late/early rising entitles me to laugh! Just be thankful it doesn’t happen often. In my life sleep is a distant memory. Probs why my writing is regularly pants.

    By the way. I am severely arachnaphobic (blame Dr Who in the 70s). You just caused me a shout and a jump. Next time warm me about the hairy spider. But it was very funny.

    Hugs and Happy New Year mate. Here’s to heaps of fab books in 2010! jx

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