Total Book Indulgence

Now and again I think that  it is crucial for any writer to take the time away from their day life and wallow in a complete and total immersion BOOKFEST.

I am lucky enough to live an hour away by train from one of the largest book trade shows in the world - the London Book Fair.

This is where literary agents come together to make deals for their clients, and publishers show their fabulous catalogues to booksellers from around the world. But it also has developed a terrific program for authors.

The last time I was there it was struck down by the Icelandic Ash cloud, but this time Earls Court was totally buzzing!


London Book Fair 2014

Why was it such a terrific day? This was my chance to:

* Meet my tribe and talk to real people, face to face, and not just over the web. [ Great fun!]

* Visit publishers. [ Waves to the lovely team at Harlequin who were doing a fabulous job] 

* Catch up with members of the Romantic Novelists Association who were visiting or manning publisher stands. 

* Attend top class presentations by internationally recognised stars in their field.

For example; the lovely Katie Fforde on genre fiction, with Manda Scott for contemporary and historical, and Jo Fletcher for speculative fiction.

London Book Fair 2104 b

And a stunning and animated presentation by Bella Andre on Self-Publishing who is working with Kobo on the foreign translations of her work.

London Book Fair c

* Come away with notebooks full of furiously written notes which I am slowly going to break down and use.

* Walk through aisle after aisle of fabulous new technology, publishing services and BOOKS!

There truly is nothing like spending a whole day with people who share your passion and want to make a difference with books of all shapes, sizes and format. 

I had a great time.  Sigh. Lots to do.


My Latest Harlequin KISS April Release – The Secret Ingredient

My Latest Release from Harlequin KISS – The Secret Ingredient!

The Secret Ingredient KISS April 2014

The Secret Ingredient australia

Lottie Rosemount’s top tips for dating—

1. Ignore all advances from inappropriate men. Celebrity chef and notorious heartbreaker Rob Beresford can certainly flirt, but that doesn’t mean his intentions are honorable!
2. Keep your cool. Rob is not a safe bet, so don’t let him see that he gets you hot under your apron!
3. If 1) and 2) fail, indulge in a wild fling with said inappropriate man. Because remember, wild nights with no strings attached are this man’s specialty!

But Lottie is about to discover that Rob has a few secret ingredients to add to the mix, which could make her throw her tips out the window forever!

Introducing Lottie’s Cake Shop and Tea Rooms.

‘Trouble on her Doorstep’ was the first book in a duo about two friends who met at catering college – Dervyla Flynn [ Dee] and Charlotte Rosemount [ Lottie ] – who now run Lottie’s Cake Shop and Tea Rooms in west London.

‘Trouble on her Doorstep’ is Dee’s story.
Dee is a Tea fanatic! It is her passion and delight and she cannot wait to run her own tea import business.

But what about Lottie?

Lottie’s story is now released as a Harlequin KISS and Modern Tempted title – ‘The Secret Ingredient.’

I had such fun writing these books and cannot wait to share both of these foodie romance stories with you.

 For a FREE peek at the opening of The Secret Ingredient, pop along to Mills and Boon and indulge!  HERE.