Email List Building for Fiction Authors

I can’t believe that it’s January already, but Happy New Year! Here’s to a Healthy and successful 2022!

After the roller coaster rides of 2020 and then 2021, I’m hoping that we can return to what the new normal is going to be like as soon as possible.

One thing, however, is certain.

Email marketing has never been more important for any author, whether traditionally published or self-published, or both (including me!).

Our author newsletters are still the best way to connect with readers around the world, but so many fiction authors struggle with the whole concept of building an email list in the first place.

I get it. We want to spend our time writing the next book!

That’s why I have started working on the key elements of email list building for authors, and especially fiction authors, starting from scratch with that very first contact point – your free “reader magnet”, also known as an ethical bribe, opt-in incentive, freebee, cookie or whatever else you want to call a piece of free content you offer a reader as a bonus when they subscribe to your email list.


Reader magnets are the perfect marketing tool for authors who hate marketing!

In this book, I’ll show you how to use reader magnets to attract your ideal readers and bring in a steady flow of new newsletter subscribers. And equally importantly, what kind of reader magnets are the best fit for where you are on the writer’s journey.

As always you won’t find any fluff or filler, just the best practices on how to build your newsletter email list as fast as possible. Including:

  • Why do you need to build an Author Email List?
  • What makes a Great Reader Magnet?
  • How to Select a Reader Magnet.
  • Group One. Great Reader Magnets for Pre-Published Authors.
  • Group Two. Great Reader Magnets for Newly Published Fiction Authors.
  • Group Three. Great Reader Magnets for Established Fiction Authors.
  • How to Deliver your Reader Magnet.
  • How to Promote your Reader Magnet and Build Your Newsletter Email List.

My aim is to spark your imagination and give you the tools you need to deliver the ideal reader magnet for your unique audience.

The good news is that my new Short Guide has just gone live, and I am delighted to say that it is already a #1 New Release.

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Happy writing! Nina