A day in the life of a Romance Author

Procrastination takes many forms. Here are a few true life examples from one day.

Dear Diary:

Friday: Sun was shining.

In morning researched details for new book on fashion pages of popular mags and looking at pics of rugged men for casting.  Chatted to pals. So exhausting had to eat two cheese and ham toasties with gallon on tea.

Afternoon. Went outside with netbook to enjoy garden and escape siren call of Twitter and pals on Internet. Turn off wifi on netbook, sit down infront of netbook – then:

1. Remember that the old gas cooker has to be dragged outside house for man to collect.

2. Conservation group needs plants for plant sale = repot 35 mini geraniums to sell on May 15th- fill greenhouse with assortment of plant pots of various sizes and shapes.

3. Notice that Pump on garden pond is not working [ power cut few days earlier.] Nasty build up of green slime on side of pond and lots of leaves etc sludge on bottom. Decided right time to clean out pond for the new year. clean pump. needs new lamp.

* Four hours later – large bucket of about 20 frogs and 6 salamanders netted – with difficulty. Plus snails and other critters and plants. Slippery pests. cobbles covered in slime drying out after being scrubbed. Mr Nina roped in to scrub sides of pond to get rid of slime with stiff brush.

* Decide that lifting about 20 pails of dirty pond water to empty on flower beds and compost bins is aerobic exercise for the day. Use hose pipe from water buts to refill pond and empty happy frogs and critters and plants etc back into pond. Net on end of stick almost broken with frogs fighting back.

* Pump restarted – trips power on unit and in the house after about 10 mins. No pump.

Am now covered with slimy green water and ‘ biological debris’ ie. frog and bird poo.

Turn off netbook – unused and head for shower. Only Bathroom sink not draining and have to find chemicals to remove blockage.

Now almost 7pm. No shower, no cake and not even a glass of wine on the horizon. And not one word written.

What would Babs have said?

3 thoughts on “A day in the life of a Romance Author

  1. LOL Frogs are very happy and croaking away merrily – especially the ones who escaped and have now returned to the pond.
    And you are quite right Nell. Now, where did I put that secretary… do you think voice rec software will do? Have fun in the sun.

  2. She would have said, ‘Darling, you have to have a man to do all those kind of things while you lie back and look pretty whilst dictating your pearls of wisdom and romance to the secretary.’

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