A huge welcome to the new Mills and Boon line – Modern Tempted




I am blogging today over at the Harlequin Romance Author Website on the brand new publishing line – Modern Tempted. 

When the Harlequin KISS line was launched in the US in February of this year, the RIVA line was phased out in the UK and many of the fabulous KISS books and RIVA line books were not released in the UK apart from direct to subscribers.

Now that has all changed!

KISS releases are now available in the UK under a brand new line – Modern Tempted.

 MODERN TEMPTED: sexy stories for the modern girl who loves to live life to the full!

 Fun, flirty and sensual romances… KISS is sharply contemporary, glossy and chic, packed full of romantic excitement with a thoroughly modern twist. Smart, stylish and sexy, these stories feature smart, sassy heroines, equally matched by 21st century alpha heroes!

 Modern Tempted was launched in August with four print books available in all of your usual retail outlets each month.

 The September releases include this bevvy of tantalising books in print:


But there is more good news for authors such as myself who have been asked many times when the KISS books are coming ti the UK and what happened to RIVA?

Modern Tempted also has a whole backlist of wonderful romance e-books so that you can catch up with the latest from your favourite authors.  In total, 39 Modern Tempted e-books were launched on September 1st.

I am especially pleased that one of my favourite RIVA books  about Internet Dating – ‘Truth-or-Date.com‘ is finally available as an e-book for UK readers. Find out more HERE.

AND all of my current Mini Series – ‘Girls just want to have fun.’

The First Crush is the Deepest, Last-Minute Bridesmaid and Blame it on the Champagne are all now Modern Tempted e-books in the UK.

  Find out more on the Mills and Boon site HERE and there is also a fabulous Facebook page created and curated by the KISS/Modern Tempted authors HERE.

 We do hope that you enjoy everything that Modern Tempted has to offer.