A Special Moment

While I was out enjoying the company of fellow Romantic Novelists at the Reading Chapter of the RNA, a very nice postie delivered a parcel from Harlequin Mills and Boon.

With copies of my first Mills and Boon! SQUEE!!

The paperback will be launched in JULY, but this is the hardcover Library Edition and is published in May in the UK, so I had been expecting to see some art work or the back blurb in advance.

Nope. All done and dusted. And the cover is bright and attractive  – perfect for a June wedding.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, for your delectation and delight, I give you:

‘Always the Bridesmaid’ by Nina Harrington.

They do say that life is made up of millions of special moments.

This is one of mine. Thank you for sharing it with me.

I dedicated this first book to the ‘Writers of the Romantic Novelists Association’ . That means YOU.  A small way of recognising the support and encouragement I have received on my journey to holding this book in my hands. Thank you all again. Happy writing. :-)

8 thoughts on “A Special Moment

  1. Thank you Debs, Liz and Jan. It means a lot to be part of the amazing community of romance authors! Upwards and onwards!

  2. Gorgeous website! And fab book cover! Feeling a tad choked, myself.

    Well done, kiddo!

    J xxxx

  3. Welcome to the family, Nina.

    That first parcel of books, the first cover, is so special, but the arrival of a new box of books never loses it’s pleasure. I know you’ll have many, many more of them.

  4. Oh many congratulations, so well deserved. I shall definately drink a glass of something cool in your honour tonight.

  5. Oh – thank you Liz. Weepiness is not compulsory – perhaps you could raise a glass to me instead? LOL and happy writing.

  6. Congratulations – and it’s a lovely book, too. I enjoyed it very much. May it be the first of many such wonderful moments for you!

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