Book Number Ten

I am delighted to say that my lovely editor has accepted my tenth book for the Harlequin Romance/ Mills and Boon RIVA line.

This is the book set on the lovely Ionian Island of Paxos and is quite appropriately called ‘ My Greek Island Fling’ and will be released as a RIVA title in the UK next June. Other dates to be confirmed.

Ten Books since September 2008.  It really does feel like a milestone on a very long journey. These have been three very busy years. And I have learnt so much.

Of course that is nothing compared to the output of the inspiring Kate Hardy who is celebrating the acceptance of her 50th book in 1o years!  Now that is an amazing achievement.

I definitely have some catching up to do. 🙂 But for the next six months or so my publication schedule looks something like this – plus foreign translations. Which is totally exciting. Squee!


November: UK RIVA: The Boy is Back in Town

November: Harlequin Romance: Blind Date Rivals

December: Australia Sweet Romance: Blind Date Rivals

March: UK RIVA: When Chocolate is Not Enough

April: Harlequin Romance: The Boy is Back in Town

June 2012. UK RIVA: My Greek Island Fling


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    1. Thank you Judy – that book has a heroine who is a chocolatier and the hero is a cocoa grower from St Lucia! So actually it is perfect and I love it. LOL

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